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📣 Fonts must be installed first to avoid any misplacement of the placeholders. Font used in this template - Playfair Display (free font) 

The Ultimate Fintech Pitch Deck Template is a professionally curated presentation framework, draped in a contemporary and appealing design, enabling Fintech startups to raise funds quickly. Create your pitch deck with this template and win over investors. This pitch deck is highly customizable and founder-friendly conceived bearing in mind Investor's priorities and deal-enabling criteria. This is a repository of our Fintech expertise and presentation skills. Take the first right step towards meeting your funding requirements, by embracing this Fintech startup presentation, and leaving a mark on VCs/ PE.

Milestones of Your Startup Business: 

✔️ Business Idea/ Vision 

✔️ Stumbling Block(s) 

✔️Industry growth potential

✔️ Cutting Edge Offering 

✔️ The Value Proposition

✔️ Business Traction/ Roadmap 

✔️ Implementation Team

✔️ Business Model 

✔️ Fundraising Objective

Startling benefits you receive with this template 

  1. Impress VCs/ PE for a Yes to your Investment needs, with an aesthetically appealing design 
  2. Conserve your capital:  save more than US $ 1,000 with our optimal design.  
  3. Prepone your fund-raising event with our ready to use template.  
  4. Convenient and Founder-friendly design: Even a non-techie can edit it without hassle!

The AirPitch Edge: 

Delighting startup tycoons is at the core of AirPitch. Founded in 2022, with a specific aim to develop path defining startup PPT and amazing pitch deck designs for making their fund raising a memorable event. High quality templates are available in variety of presentation formats to suit all your business needs. Our esteemed entrepreneurs have made an impression on Investors with our custom-built pitch deck templates. The brands desiring to have an edge in influencing their potential investors, need AirPitch to succeed. Simply pay for what you need and rise to the fund-raising occasion, without worrying about any subscription fee. 

We deliver excellent value in the critical success verticals of Technology, Blockchain, Manufacturing and Retail.  

Successful fund raising delivered for many startups and entrepreneurs across the globe by our uniquely designed template over the years, having developed more than 5,000 enriching presentation slides. 

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Impactful designs to the core! 

Template design is based on a stringent evaluation of Founders' requirement, business plan outcome and investor-grade qualifying criteria. Unique design formats serving varied needs and brand identity of our patrons, gives our design experts an edge over others to deliver custom-made, highly impactful pitch templates. AirPitch endeavors to do just that for your brands. Just download the template for the growth your business deserves and stand out.  

Your triumph is One Click away. Our professional Pitch Deck is worth the investment you make now. Our design experts will tirelessly work on your idea and help you conserve your time and resources to prepare for raising funds. More than three hundred options of slides are available for you to choose from, but one thing is certain, your startup wins. 

Watch our YouTube video - https://youtu.be/QLv4g4A8ut4

Carefully planned, and thousands of design hours invested in crafting these winnable templates.

Exclusive features of the template: 

✔️ Comprehensive deck

✔️ Editable design elements 

✔️ Modern layouts 

✔️ Creative Infographics  

✔️ User-oriented  

✔️ Placeholder for custom images  

✔️ 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio  

✔️ Make use of free Images and Fonts  

✔️ Master slides-based presentation  

✔️ Valuable time saving! 

Note: - After choosing one palette set, the other palette sets can be deleted manually and not required to be deleted in the master.

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Ultimate Fintech Pitch Deck Template

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